Ubud is the one of the main destination of central highlands of Bali. It is a small town and is quite different from tropical beach scene of Bali. This place is more cultured and is closer to the island’s classical artists’ villages. This area also houses verdant river valleys and rice terraced landscapes and is very much greener than the other parts of Bali. Here guests can relax at various luxury retreats near the famous Ubud Monkey Forest that also offer magnificent spas and wellness programs to rejuvenate yourself. This places also offer a chance to take full advantage of fine dining restaurants as well as casual cafes. Ubud is also popular for its royal palaces, heritage museums and art galleries, fashion boutiques and the nightlife scene is mainly low-key as compared to the other destinations.

Top Attractions in Ubud

Top Things To Do in Ubud

Shopping in Ubud

Ubud being rich in culture has proven to be a haven for arts and crafts. The shopper can haggle for a wealth of paintings, carvings, traditional garments and unique knick-knacks which are sold with price tags, but mostly without them, thus making it easy to bargain for your choices. The most famous area for shopping in Ubud is the market set in central part of the city. It is filled with products you can buy all over the island and most of Southeast Asia. Along the main streets, such as Jalan Raya Ubud, there is a continuous row of fashion boutiques and from the main street to the Monkey Forest in Padangtegal, and from Sanggingan to Pengosekan, the visitors can find a great blend of unique items and good bargains from international designer local shopsas well as popularbrands. The most famous markets in Ubud includes:

Ubud Art Market- This market is open daily, and houses a large number ofshops that offer from beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats; statues, kites to many varieties of hand-crafted goods.

Sukawati Art Market-Here visitors can buy distinctively Balinese art items such as paintings and sculpted wooden figures, curios, handicrafts and traditional handmade products. Most of the shopkeepers are craftsmen themselves, which makes bargaining a better experience.

Guwang Art Market- This market is famous for arts and handicrafts as there are many household art shops and painting galleries.

Monkey Forest Street- This is a one-way road that follows on further south from JalanHanoman and turns at Ubud’s main town centre, across the road from the PuriSaren Royal Palace and Ubud’s famous art market. Here one can find rows of shops, boutiques and outlets line its sides together with many guesthouses and hotels, restaurants and small day spas.

Nightlife in Ubud

Ubud is located in the heart of Bali and is famous for its culture and history. Besides this, it also houses wide range of welcoming Bali nightlife. Bali has a varies kind of nightlife as it has so much to do by the night for everyone. The visitors can enjoy watching traditional dances with great pomp and show. But it has got so much more than this. If you want to have a gala time and grab some drinks as well as mingle with the fellow travelers, there are some bars that are usually pretty full, but still laid back in a pure Ubud style. Ubud houses a few cafes, limited seat bars and performance stages cater to the Ubud night owls. There are a few venues that cater to the pub and social gathering scene that too in a relaxed style. Some of the famous bars include popular names like Bar Luna, Bunute Bar, Casa Luna, CP Lounge, Jazz Cafe Bali, Laughing Buddha Bar, Lobong Café & Bar, NapiOrti and some more.

Restaurants in Ubud

Ubud has a rich wealth of dining venues that serves from traditional village roadside stalls to modern fine dining restaurants. Ubud also has popular ones that offer experiences featuring French culinary techniques and presentations but inspired by traditional Balinese recipes. The main street of Jalan Raya Ubud, down to the quieter and smaller connecting streets of JalanHanoman and around Jalan Monkey Forest, feature an eclectic mix of restaurants, while Tegallalang and Jalan Raya Sanggingan are dotted with a few amazing venues that offer great views overlooking lush river valleys. The visitors can also marvel at the stunning scenery and delectable cuisine can be had outside the main Ubud hub. Check out the Ubud restaurants to please your appetite for only the finest dining venues in and around Ubud.
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Hotels in Ubud

Ubud has a variety of hotels that also includemost relaxing retreats because of its cool upland location that offers scenic mountain vistas and flowing green valleys as added bonuses, and being in the artistic as well as cultural heart of the island. There is a rich variety of accommodation like luxury villas with outdoor dip pools, resort grounds that were designed to mimic terraced rice fields, and those that promote wellbeing through their winning spa facilities. You can choose from various options of hotels in Ubud from the below given link.
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