Denpasar offers a true feeling of Balinese town life as it is theprovincial capital of Bali. It is one of the most local and non-touristy destination in Bali. It accommodates either new modern budget style city hotels that are fit for business travelers, or legendary hotels that carry historical significance. Denpasar is centrally located, convenient for exploring the other resort areas of southern Bali and is approximately 35 minutes’ drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Top Attractions in Denpasar

Top Things To Do in Denpasar

Shopping in Denpasar

Shopping in Denpasar is more of a cultural experience to get close to the Balinese culture. You will be able to sense the blend of modern and traditional approaches. While shopping you can either bargain prices down on lower-priced goods or pay the full price for higher-quality fixed-price goods. You can explore the traditional markets, shops selling similar items are often clustered together which makes negotiating and comparing prices easier. There are also plazas that commonly feature fixed prices shops but still you can give your bargaining skills a try. Almost every mall in the city consists of a department store stocking both local and brand labels, a supermarket, and a few small outlets offering various kinds of products.

Some wonderful one-stop shopping experiences are available on the Denpasar outskirts, that includes batik boutiques that onsite workshops where you can tour and even learn the art and create your own masterpiece to take home. The wares available in Denpasar include everything from the traditional to ultra-modern electronics and gadgets. You can also check out Badung and Kumbasari Traditional Market that specializes in clothing, home ware, kitchen utensils and ceremonial goods such as ornamental baskets and incense. The other place you can go shopping includes Jalan Sulawesi Textile Shops, Krisna Bali, Erlangga 2, Popiler Batik II, SudirmanAgung Shopping Complex, Robinson Mall Denpasar, Ramayana Mal Bali, Duta Plaza and Teuku Umar Street.

Nightlife in Denpasar

Denpasar is not counted as destination for party animals but still it offers a few entertainment centres and its famous night markets that cater to cater to your night activities. These establishments are generally crowded and lively places, especially around the town centre. The nightlife scene in Denpasar is includes dining and shopping edge, with the majority of locals flocking the scenes. For visitors to Bali, these various venues can also serve as introduction and opportunity to unravel various local food and beverages, and a totally different nuance. For the more 'western' version of night entertainment options, Sanur, Kuta and Seminyak are not too far away.

Restaurants in Denpasar

Denpasar is undoubtedly the most complete location in Baliwhen it comes to eating places. Its assortment of restaurants offers a vast menu selection to gorge on. The JalanTeuku Umar and RenonNiti Mandala areas have the most varied eateries that serves oriental, western, Mediterranean, Arabic, Indian food, and don’t forget the cuisine of Indonesia. One can also explore the popular night market stalls that offer local delicacies at very cheap prices, although some of them may have unhealthy food additives so take care of the surrounding from where you are buying the food. Only a few restaurants stay open 24 hours a day, but roadside food tents after midnight are not hard to find. For more check out the list of restaurants available.
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Hotels in Denpasar

Hotels in Denpasar are spread out finely throughout Bali's provincial capital and it has a small town feel to it. There are many hotels of different types which are chosen as the ending and starting point of the trip because of its location being near to the airport. For varied options check out the hotels according to your budget.
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