Common FAQ’s

1. Do I need a Visa?
The guests can get a Visa Upon arrival for 30 days for most countries, See Travel Documents for details. Cost $25.00 and now you can get it extend in Bali for another 30 days.

2. How safe is Bali?
If you will walk around by yourself in Bali, you willnever feel unsafe.Petty crime exists everywhere in the world but Bali feels like as safe a place. You can navigate easily through its places by yourself. Resorts in Bali have taken security very seriously for many years. There are security inspection points before you can enter most hotels, where security guards check underneath cars with mirrors. Security guards walk the grounds too.

3. Is Bali expensive?
Bali is a destination of great value that suits all the budgets. It is the best part of this destination that here visitors can have budget vacation as well as a luxurious one. Bali offers home stays can be as cheap as $10 a night, or you can spend up to $2500 a night and certain villas. A meal at an average restaurant costs about $16 for two people and breakfast is usually included with your accommodation. For an average day in Bali not including your hotel or shopping budget $20 to $50 which is very much pocket friendly.

4. Internet access issues?
The visitors can have full access to internet as almost every hotel in Bali has internet access in the rooms or lobby and we also suggest you to be aware of room internet charges. There are also cyber cafes at all of the major tourist destinations.

5. What language is used in Bali?
There are three languages spoken on Bali: Balinese and its dialects, Indonesian, and a kind of Old Javanese called Kawi.Bahasa Indonesia is the lingua franqa of Indonesia and the Balinese speak Balinese among themselves. However, English is widely spoken everywhere and you can easily get by.

6. What kind of money do they use in Bali and should I take cash or travelers checks?
The national currency of Bali is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and the current rate of IDR is 13,262.6 IDR for one US dollar.

7. Availability of ATM machines?
One can easily find ATM machines in most of the towns in Bali. Be aware of charges and contact your bank at home before you leave to tell them you will be in Bali.

8. Best time to visit Bali?
High season is during the months of July and August, during Easter Holidays, and Christmas / New Year (December till 1st week of January). Best time to come to Bali is April, May, June and September, just before and just after high season. It's still dry season, it's slightly less humid, and room prices can be 30-50% cheaper than during high season. October is not too bad either, still much less rain than November. It's also the best time for water sport activities such as scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, etc.

Also major activities and attractions such as the family parks and fun things to do (Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park, Marine & Safari Park, Waterbom, White Water Rafting, Monkey Forest, etc) have less visitors which can make the experience far more enjoyable. And not to forget, in general the traffic and hustle bustle on the roads is more bearable. Especially in Kuta, Legian and sometimes even Seminyak the narrow streets are packed during certain times in the day with cars and motorcycles. Some tourists love it that way and could not imagine a holiday otherwise, but if you like it more quiet, then Kuta and Legian during high season might not be the best choice.

9. Packing tips for Bali.
Bali is hot and all you really need is sandals and shorts, a sarong and bathing suit. Besides there is great shopping in Bali for anything you forgot to pack. Be advised when visiting Bali and if you want to go to a temple festival you will need a blouse or shirt to at least cover your shoulders and a sash and sarong. The Balinese welcome you to their temple festivals but you must dress properly.

Clothing For Her
• Underpants (5)
• Shorts (2)
• Skirt (2)
• Casual Dress (2)
• Cocktail dress (1)
• Light Long pants (1)
• T-shirt (3)
• Dressy top (1)
• Socks (2)
• Pyjama’s (1)
• Beach
• Swimmers (2)
• Hat (1)
• Sunglasses (1)
• Kaftan/light dress (2)
• Shoes
• Joggers (1)
• Sandals/nice flats (1)

Clothing For Him
• Underpants (5)
• Shorts (3)
• Light Long Pants (1)
• T-shirt (5)
• Dressy Shirt (1)
• Socks (2)
• Pyjama’s (1)
• Beach
• Board Shorts (2)
• Hat (1)
• Sunglasses (1)
• Shoes
• Joggers (1)
• Thongs (1)
• Casual Shoes (1)
• Dressy shoes (1)

10. Where will I be able to charge my cell phone, camera, and laptop?
There are both 110 and 240. Power supply is usually 220 cycles. Normal outlets are plugs with two rounded pins. *Be forewarned hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons frequently blow up so use the one provided by the hotel.

11. How to carry medicines to Bali? Where can I get medicines if needed?
There are pharmacies in Bali that have most common drugs, such as antibiotics, anti-diarrhea, cold and flu remedies. If you are bringing medicine to Bali, make sure you have a prescription from your doctor on the label to avoid any problem at the airport and further.

If you don’t find answers to your queries, then you can write your question in the box below. We will happy to help and reply as soon as possible.

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